Zapp nails Leela doggystyle

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Wow, guess Lela never imagined that Zapp has such a huge cock! As he nails her doggystyle, her eyes roll out with surprise! His meaty weapon almost destroys her from inside, ripping her twat like a rubber toy! Every time he pushes his snake into her pussy, her boobs jiggle like two cow bells, which looks extremely sexy! So for all of you who love watching nude Leela getting fucked hard, this episode is another great opportunity to have a good time! Lust, passion and sweet smell of sex waving in the air – that’s what it is all about! Enjoy while I try to collect more juicy Futurama sex pictures!


Fry fucks Leela and cums too quickly

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Do you know what a premature ejaculation is? Well, I guess Fry knows that now for certain. Everything went as usual, he banged Leela in her snatch, enjoying her luscious body, and then he suddenly came right inside her! Leela was shocked, but even more frustrated was poor Fry! Looks like the guy looses control over his long dick. Look at him sitting their in total despair, as Leela tries to comfort him in some way. Hahah, well, here’s one more reason to be a robot – I can cum whenever I want! Okay, now enough talking about nasty things, let’s just enjoy Leela’s sexy nude body a little more!


Leela sucks Zapp off

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Here’s something from my old collection of naked Leela’s pictures. Here she sucks Zapp Brannigan’s cock doggystyle, massaging her pussy with her fingers at the same time. Her head goes up and down as she works on that huge cock, and her sweet buns are spread, exposing her shaved twat. Zapp moans and squeezes her big boobs, trying to push his pole deeper down Leela’s throat. All those moans, gulps and slurps are the only thing being heard here, which creates a unique atmosphere of pure sex and passion. Yeah, Bender can be romantic sometimes! But keep that secret with yourself, or I’m gonna find you! Have a nice watching.

Fry seduces Leela to enjoy her round ass

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Fry is quite successful in getting laid, I should say! I begin to miss my good old pal, ‘cause he used to spend time with me, Bender. But as all he cares for now is fucking Leela, All I’ve got left is to make juicy toon sex pictures of the sweet couple fucking each other hard! Leela’s gorgeous body is flexible and seductive, and her long legs which are widely spread to let Fry’s cock in make my mechanical wang hit my titanium belly! The weather is nasty today, a storm is coming soon, but they seem not to realize that. Happy Fry continues to poke Leela’s tight hole, making her smile and moan with lust. Another great fuck by Fry and Leela!


Professor feels horny for gorgeous Leela

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Oh, that filthy old Professor! He’s like a million years old, but still has dirty thoughts on his mind! This time he caught nude Leela right after shower and forced to fuck his old wrinkled cock! Of course, the old man couldn’t hold for a long time, and came very quickly, but that’s not the point. Point is that Leela is so attractive she’ll make a dead man have a rock solid boner! Her sexy slim body combined with charming face, huge boobs and wide ass make her the best cartoon porn star ever! Here, have some fresh juicy photos of Professor fucking Leela in her shaved pussy!


Leela and Zapp trapped naked on a jungle planet

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I’ve decided to return to good old days when we had a lot of fantastic adventures each year. Take this episode, for example. Leela is stuck on a lonely planet, not knowing what to do without her ship, which lies wrecked among the jungles. But soon she discovers that someone else is trapped with her on that planet, and this someone is actually Zapp Brannigan! It’s very hot out there, and soon the couple has to throw off their clothes. That’s when naked Leela discovers Zapp has a huge boner for her! Despite her disgust she suddenly feels a terrible itch in her snatch, and then… Well, you’ll see this for yourself!

Fry nails Leela after a dinner

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Fry made a bold move and invited Leela to a dinner. Of course, after this wonderful evening Leela was nearly obliged to thank him, so they went straight to Fry’s place. Now what I have here is high quality Futurama porn collection of juicy pictures shot by my hidden cameras at Fry’s apartment! Look how he shovels his huge dick up Leela’s tight fuck hole! Her plump ass must feel extremely good to Fry, no doubt in that! And look at her huge buns that ooze with sweet milk! Her wet twat spills juice on the floor, making both of their bodies slippery. In the end Fry will shoot his load right between her sexy long legs dressed in stockings!


Naked Futurama characters

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It’s a rear opportunity for you to see all my friends naked. Totally naked Futurama characters! What, are you stunned? Nah, I bet you aren’t, ‘cause you’ve seen that before. But have you ever seen them looking so horny and willing to make every wish come true? Wanna know why they are so horny? ‘Cause I’ve dashed some Viagra to their meals at dinner! Hahah, now they became totally nuts and jump on each other, willing to make sex with everything that is looking like a pole (or like a snatch). Naked bodies, hot round tits and sweet toon asses – just as I like! Damn, I’ve become a horny robot, a true sex machine! See what these guys do to me? Dunno, maybe a hard reset will save me from this smut. Gotta check it out…

Futurama BDSM porn

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I’ve decided to share some of my Futurama BDSM porn today. Sorry for a delay, I had to go and rob some store, ‘cause YOU DON”T SEND ME MONEY! Haha, gotcha! Nah, I won’t push on you, you meat bags, ‘cause I’m Bender the Merciful. And here are the sex pictures I was talking about – Hermes is punishing sweet Amy for being naughty. He sticks his long Jamaican cock into her tight pussy and pounds it until the hot juice appears. It spills down her sexy hips, making her hot body wet and seductive. Besides, Hermes is not the only one who wants to punish her for her sins – we’ve got a real line here! Fry atilt with his boner, Zoidberg with his weird penis, Zapp… I bet she’ll barely walk tomorrow 😉

Griffins fuck th Futurama characters

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If you missed some cartoon porn mixes, here’s an opportunity. Worship me, bender the almighty, as I bring you the return of the Griffin family to our humble workplace. Meg, Lois, Chris and Peter are here again, and they are ready to do whatever we shall wish. And we’ll wish a lot of dirty things, I should tell ya 🙂 Shit, I’m already becoming the same with those horny Fry and Leela, who sweep everything away just to get to someone’s naked body. Pity that there was little time, but I still managed to take some photos of Leela sucking Professor’s dick, Zoidberg punishing busty Meg and, of course, your humble narrator – Bender in the flesh. Whoops, in the metal, I mean 🙂

Amy and Kif fucking 69

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Ah, there’s that stupid love story again! Kif and Amy just can’t control themselves when they meet together. At such days I have plenty photos of them fucking everywhere. Do you know what is their favorite pose? 69, of course! Kif can do amazing things with his alien tongue, and Amy’s deep throat can satisfy any man around. They can tease each other all night long, an still there’s plenty of energy left. Besides, look at Amy’s huge boobs, at her slim figure, and you’ll understand everything 🙂 My superb Bender camera has made terrific pics of those two banging each other hard – all you need is just to proceed to the whole gallery and watch them having fun. Shit, I’m actually offering you something! Quickly grab those Futurama porn pictures until I change my mind.

A great sex after work

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There’s nothing like laying after a hard work day, sipping beer and fucking a gorgeous butt. Leela’s one, of course. Her tight ass makes me feel so hot that I’m naturally burning. I’m serious – when I fucked her last time, she screamed, and that was not because her snatch was ripped by my metal weapon, but because she was scorched by my hot metal body. Well, today she was more than pleased – when I nailed her pumpkin, I turned on my thermal control, so she was not affected by the heat. As for me, I had a very good time giving her a rough ass pummel. Marvellous sex with slim and busty Leela – who’s number one? Bender is, of course!

Fry fucks Super Leela

December 5, 2010 - 6:07 pm Comments Off on Fry fucks Super Leela

Hey, that stupid Fry stole my idea! He dressed like a superman, too, and started nailing Leela’s super ass! Her exposed pussy was pierced through with his boner, and she bounce on his hose just like some time before she did with me! That’s fucking lame. Her boobs should have jiggled when I fucked her butt, not this idiot! Her warm mouth should swallow only my metal hose, not his meaty wiener as well! That’s not fair!! And they have 69 – we had no 69 when we fucked! Ugh, that Leela will get it… Prepare for revenge, you one-eyed mutant bitch! Bender will stuff your ass with something bigger than a simple cock!

Leela and others in a Christmas porn mix

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I think that this porn picture gallery will be exactly what I’ll present to my friends as soon as X-mas comes! A lovely compilation, and I’ve made it myself. All the toons unite on such nights, so you can see naked Leela, dressing up like Santa Clause, you can see naked Homer as her slave; you can watch Zoidberg drooling over a hot naked beauty, you can observe naked elves and see Shrek, getting his X-mas naked present. All the cartoons willingly agreed to pose in this one, and even little mermaid Ariel, who is usually shy, agreed to take off her bra and show the world her lovely tits. Well, see those erotic cartoon pictures, while I’m off for some beer. See ya, flesh bags!

Old Futurama sex pictures – Fry, Amy and Leela

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I accidentally found a hot gallery which I’ve searched for a while. It contains a small collection of toon pics. There are some pics of our crazy crew, too. Here is Amy, who rested at the beach and was spotted by the horny Nibbler. He rushed forward and grasped her sexy panties, pulling them off. As far as I remember, it was a very interesting scene after that… And here is Fry fucking Leela’s hot tits. His boner slides among those milky beauties like a fresh sausage. Oh, and here’s the picture of last summer’s vacation – Fry and me pounding Leela doggy-style. Fry inserted his bone too far inside her mouth then, and she nearly choked. I wanted to call the ambulance, but couldn’t – laugh too much 🙂 Oh, sweet memories…

Fry and Leela’s romantic love in the shower

November 6, 2010 - 5:51 pm Comments Off on Fry and Leela’s romantic love in the shower

Well, looks like Fry and Leela have seriously fallen in love with each other. Lucky for me that I can’t have feelings – all that snot and stuff. Look how they kiss – ugh, disgusting! But the fact that Fry now has a lot more access to Leela’s hot body makes me feel a little… Interested, let us say. Haha, I just loved watching them in the bathroom, fucking like two little sissies, whispering tender words to each other… Naïve fools! As they were fond of each other, I made perfect photos of Leela’s hot ass and nig round boobs. And her snatch, pierced by Fry’s dick, too. Well, I guess you know what happens next – a new Futurama porn picture gallery!

Bender and Leela – Futurama porn superheroes!

October 28, 2010 - 5:37 pm Comments Off on Bender and Leela – Futurama porn superheroes!

Whoa, Leela really CAN be inventive sometimes! Today she had a very good idea – how about dressing up like superheroes and performing a wild fuck? Yeah, that was fantastic – I took my metal pole and rammed it inside her plump super ass, pumping her like a real superhero! I was Bender the Almighty, the ruler of the pussies and the king of asses. She screamed and begged for mercy, when I squeezed her big tits, and I laughed proudly as my long shaft nailed her snatch. Then I had the pleasure of spilling my motor oil over her face. Lots of sex pics made, as always. Watch them, meatbags, and beg for my mercy, or soon I’ll come and fuck your ass!

Zoidberg performs a sex experiment on Amy

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That Amy turns out to be a dirty Martian whore, as I see! She not only fucks all of the men at my workplace, but also fucks Zoidberg! Don’t realize how she can withstand that smell from his mouth… But, anyway, I got it all on my camera – she’s sucking his weird cock, and he continues to make insane sex experiments, sticking various shit inside her ass and pussy. He even thrusts his tentacles inside her – they are thin and flexible, so her clit gets a very nice massage. It all ends with a huge burst of cum which covers Amy’s hot body. I think Zoidberg should not play with all his chemical stuff, or he might blow the whole place up.

Bender and Amy in a kinky threesome

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Okay, they got me – yesterday I was performing the mad sex orgy with Amy and a head of some unknown guy. We surely had some rough time – I poked her face until she burst into tears, nailed her pussy and pounded her tight ass until she began screaming from pain. She sucked my bolt dry – not a single drop of oil left after her wild blowjob! Yeah, the sex was amazing. I mean, I myself was amazing, of course. Bender the Sexy gave that Martian bitch a good ass pummel, so now I’ll be surprised if she can even sit! What to say about walking… Stupid Fry got pictures of all this, and now I can not hide the fact that I, Bender, fucked Amy Wong yesterday. Well, didn’t want to hide it, though. You can watch the pics, if you like.

Fry uses sex machines to fuck Leela

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Wow, didn’t know that Fry can be an inventor! That stupid head just can’t contain some sort of a brain. But as it turns out, when the case comes to sex, he’s got all kinds of sex machines to bring him pleasure! He invented some kinky sex machine for his beloved Leela, so now she can satisfy her sex hunger for good! Here I have some photos showing how she tried his invention, bouncing on top of it, having her snatch ripped and rubbed. She moaned and screamed with excitement, as this machine penetrated her deep twat, pushing harder every minute! Man, those flesh pigs can be insane from time to time! Well, see Leela naked riding sex machine, if you want, and I’m bored – guess I’ll have some beer in the bar.