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Griffins fuck th Futurama characters

January 2, 2011 - 4:17 am No Comments

If you missed some cartoon porn mixes, here’s an opportunity. Worship me, bender the almighty, as I bring you the return of the Griffin family to our humble workplace. Meg, Lois, Chris and Peter are here again, and they are ready to do whatever we shall wish. And we’ll wish a lot of dirty things, I should tell ya 🙂 Shit, I’m already becoming the same with those horny Fry and Leela, who sweep everything away just to get to someone’s naked body. Pity that there was little time, but I still managed to take some photos of Leela sucking Professor’s dick, Zoidberg punishing busty Meg and, of course, your humble narrator – Bender in the flesh. Whoops, in the metal, I mean 🙂