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Leela sucks Zapp off

February 26, 2012 - 12:31 pm No Comments

Here’s something from my old collection of naked Leela’s pictures. Here she sucks Zapp Brannigan’s cock doggystyle, massaging her pussy with her fingers at the same time. Her head goes up and down as she works on that huge cock, and her sweet buns are spread, exposing her shaved twat. Zapp moans and squeezes her big boobs, trying to push his pole deeper down Leela’s throat. All those moans, gulps and slurps are the only thing being heard here, which creates a unique atmosphere of pure sex and passion. Yeah, Bender can be romantic sometimes! But keep that secret with yourself, or I’m gonna find you! Have a nice watching.

Leela and Zapp trapped naked on a jungle planet

January 25, 2012 - 11:22 am No Comments

I’ve decided to return to good old days when we had a lot of fantastic adventures each year. Take this episode, for example. Leela is stuck on a lonely planet, not knowing what to do without her ship, which lies wrecked among the jungles. But soon she discovers that someone else is trapped with her on that planet, and this someone is actually Zapp Brannigan! It’s very hot out there, and soon the couple has to throw off their clothes. That’s when naked Leela discovers Zapp has a huge boner for her! Despite her disgust she suddenly feels a terrible itch in her snatch, and then… Well, you’ll see this for yourself!