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Fry fucks Leela and cums too quickly

March 8, 2012 - 4:36 pm No Comments

Do you know what a premature ejaculation is? Well, I guess Fry knows that now for certain. Everything went as usual, he banged Leela in her snatch, enjoying her luscious body, and then he suddenly came right inside her! Leela was shocked, but even more frustrated was poor Fry! Looks like the guy looses control over his long dick. Look at him sitting their in total despair, as Leela tries to comfort him in some way. Hahah, well, here’s one more reason to be a robot – I can cum whenever I want! Okay, now enough talking about nasty things, let’s just enjoy Leela’s sexy nude body a little more!


Fry nails Leela after a dinner

January 14, 2012 - 1:30 pm No Comments

Fry made a bold move and invited Leela to a dinner. Of course, after this wonderful evening Leela was nearly obliged to thank him, so they went straight to Fry’s place. Now what I have here is high quality Futurama porn collection of juicy pictures shot by my hidden cameras at Fry’s apartment! Look how he shovels his huge dick up Leela’s tight fuck hole! Her plump ass must feel extremely good to Fry, no doubt in that! And look at her huge buns that ooze with sweet milk! Her wet twat spills juice on the floor, making both of their bodies slippery. In the end Fry will shoot his load right between her sexy long legs dressed in stockings!


Fry and Leela’s romantic love in the shower

November 6, 2010 - 5:51 pm No Comments

Well, looks like Fry and Leela have seriously fallen in love with each other. Lucky for me that I can’t have feelings – all that snot and stuff. Look how they kiss – ugh, disgusting! But the fact that Fry now has a lot more access to Leela’s hot body makes me feel a little… Interested, let us say. Haha, I just loved watching them in the bathroom, fucking like two little sissies, whispering tender words to each other… Naïve fools! As they were fond of each other, I made perfect photos of Leela’s hot ass and nig round boobs. And her snatch, pierced by Fry’s dick, too. Well, I guess you know what happens next – a new Futurama porn picture gallery!