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Fry nails Leela after a dinner

January 14, 2012 - 1:30 pm No Comments

Fry made a bold move and invited Leela to a dinner. Of course, after this wonderful evening Leela was nearly obliged to thank him, so they went straight to Fry’s place. Now what I have here is high quality Futurama porn collection of juicy pictures shot by my hidden cameras at Fry’s apartment! Look how he shovels his huge dick up Leela’s tight fuck hole! Her plump ass must feel extremely good to Fry, no doubt in that! And look at her huge buns that ooze with sweet milk! Her wet twat spills juice on the floor, making both of their bodies slippery. In the end Fry will shoot his load right between her sexy long legs dressed in stockings!


Futurama meets Family Guy in a sex battle

August 13, 2010 - 6:29 pm No Comments

Today’s the big day – we’ve invited the hot Family Guy characters over. And, as always, the quiet party turned into a raging sex festival! Hermes fucked Lois Griffin in her butt, Zoidberg gave Meg a rough ass pummel, and Professor gave his wrinkled old dick to Peter Griffin. I wanted to have some fun, too, so after nailing Amy Wong, I decided to try some fat butt fucking and poked Chris’s chocolate hole. Too bad Peter noticed that and hurried up to revenge – he shoved his meaty pole inside my metal butt! That bastard tortured me for half an hour, and my ass still hurts. Well, at least the rest of the day went fine, and I got myself many sex pictures, so now I can share them with you. What for? For you to envy me, of course!

A hard day after a toon porn party

April 20, 2010 - 2:25 pm No Comments

There was a party yesterday, and I can hardly remember what happened. Drank too much beer, I think. But my faithful camera has got it all – the built-in one, I mean. When I scanned through all the pictures, I was stunned – the place was naturally blown yesterday! Hermes naile Amy in her sweet ass, Zapp Brannigan was licking Leela’s skin boots, working as her sex slave, and then made Kif his little bitch, pounding him in his butt! Even Fry, that miserable looser (and my friend, part-time) had himself two girls at the same time – bothe hot Amy and Leela were sucking his cock, swallowing it completely! Well, I think I should really, you know… Slow down with tha alcohol stuff. Having said that… Nah, fuck it!