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Fry uses sex machines to fuck Leela

September 29, 2010 - 2:15 pm No Comments

Wow, didn’t know that Fry can be an inventor! That stupid head just can’t contain some sort of a brain. But as it turns out, when the case comes to sex, he’s got all kinds of sex machines to bring him pleasure! He invented some kinky sex machine for his beloved Leela, so now she can satisfy her sex hunger for good! Here I have some photos showing how she tried his invention, bouncing on top of it, having her snatch ripped and rubbed. She moaned and screamed with excitement, as this machine penetrated her deep twat, pushing harder every minute! Man, those flesh pigs can be insane from time to time! Well, see Leela naked riding sex machine, if you want, and I’m bored – guess I’ll have some beer in the bar.