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Fry seduces Leela to enjoy her round ass

February 15, 2012 - 5:39 pm No Comments

Fry is quite successful in getting laid, I should say! I begin to miss my good old pal, ‘cause he used to spend time with me, Bender. But as all he cares for now is fucking Leela, All I’ve got left is to make juicy toon sex pictures of the sweet couple fucking each other hard! Leela’s gorgeous body is flexible and seductive, and her long legs which are widely spread to let Fry’s cock in make my mechanical wang hit my titanium belly! The weather is nasty today, a storm is coming soon, but they seem not to realize that. Happy Fry continues to poke Leela’s tight hole, making her smile and moan with lust. Another great fuck by Fry and Leela!


A great sex after work

December 15, 2010 - 4:12 am No Comments

There’s nothing like laying after a hard work day, sipping beer and fucking a gorgeous butt. Leela’s one, of course. Her tight ass makes me feel so hot that I’m naturally burning. I’m serious – when I fucked her last time, she screamed, and that was not because her snatch was ripped by my metal weapon, but because she was scorched by my hot metal body. Well, today she was more than pleased – when I nailed her pumpkin, I turned on my thermal control, so she was not affected by the heat. As for me, I had a very good time giving her a rough ass pummel. Marvellous sex with slim and busty Leela – who’s number one? Bender is, of course!

Slutty Amy loves to suck cocks

June 26, 2010 - 6:38 pm No Comments

I’m starting to get bored. Nothing special happens, no new tasks, no dangerous missions – just fucking all the time. Amy sucks cocks all day long: she swallows Professor’s dick, licks Fry’s sausage, please Zoidberg and even try to tease my hose. I don’t appreciate that much, though. Leela was at her best, giving her ass to be roughly jammed and fucking with Amy, using a sexy strap-on. Those sweet girls can perform seductive lesbian plays, you know. Very pretty, though they are nothing but helpless flesh bags. This time even Zoidberg had his chance to be not simply a weird alien doctor, whom everyone ignores, but a creature with a throbbing cock that needs cure.