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Naked Futurama characters

January 19, 2011 - 4:30 am Comments Off on Naked Futurama characters

It’s a rear opportunity for you to see all my friends naked. Totally naked Futurama characters! What, are you stunned? Nah, I bet you aren’t, ‘cause you’ve seen that before. But have you ever seen them looking so horny and willing to make every wish come true? Wanna know why they are so horny? ‘Cause I’ve dashed some Viagra to their meals at dinner! Hahah, now they became totally nuts and jump on each other, willing to make sex with everything that is looking like a pole (or like a snatch). Naked bodies, hot round tits and sweet toon asses – just as I like! Damn, I’ve become a horny robot, a true sex machine! See what these guys do to me? Dunno, maybe a hard reset will save me from this smut. Gotta check it out…

Fry fucks Super Leela

December 5, 2010 - 6:07 pm Comments Off on Fry fucks Super Leela

Hey, that stupid Fry stole my idea! He dressed like a superman, too, and started nailing Leela’s super ass! Her exposed pussy was pierced through with his boner, and she bounce on his hose just like some time before she did with me! That’s fucking lame. Her boobs should have jiggled when I fucked her butt, not this idiot! Her warm mouth should swallow only my metal hose, not his meaty wiener as well! That’s not fair!! And they have 69 – we had no 69 when we fucked! Ugh, that Leela will get it… Prepare for revenge, you one-eyed mutant bitch! Bender will stuff your ass with something bigger than a simple cock!

Old Futurama sex pictures – Fry, Amy and Leela

November 16, 2010 - 5:56 pm Comments Off on Old Futurama sex pictures – Fry, Amy and Leela

I accidentally found a hot gallery which I’ve searched for a while. It contains a small collection of toon pics. There are some pics of our crazy crew, too. Here is Amy, who rested at the beach and was spotted by the horny Nibbler. He rushed forward and grasped her sexy panties, pulling them off. As far as I remember, it was a very interesting scene after that… And here is Fry fucking Leela’s hot tits. His boner slides among those milky beauties like a fresh sausage. Oh, and here’s the picture of last summer’s vacation – Fry and me pounding Leela doggy-style. Fry inserted his bone too far inside her mouth then, and she nearly choked. I wanted to call the ambulance, but couldn’t – laugh too much 🙂 Oh, sweet memories…

Fry uses sex machines to fuck Leela

September 29, 2010 - 2:15 pm Comments Off on Fry uses sex machines to fuck Leela

Wow, didn’t know that Fry can be an inventor! That stupid head just can’t contain some sort of a brain. But as it turns out, when the case comes to sex, he’s got all kinds of sex machines to bring him pleasure! He invented some kinky sex machine for his beloved Leela, so now she can satisfy her sex hunger for good! Here I have some photos showing how she tried his invention, bouncing on top of it, having her snatch ripped and rubbed. She moaned and screamed with excitement, as this machine penetrated her deep twat, pushing harder every minute! Man, those flesh pigs can be insane from time to time! Well, see Leela naked riding sex machine, if you want, and I’m bored – guess I’ll have some beer in the bar.

Fry’s Futurama porn comics

May 29, 2010 - 6:13 pm Comments Off on Fry’s Futurama porn comics

Daamn, I knew that Fry is stupid, but that’s absolutely insane! That idiot has discovered an artist in himslefl, dammit! He has drawn a porn comics, and is now showing it to everyone. I took a look and was stunned – that jerk has drawn a threesome with himself, me and Leela! And it’d be ok, but one little detail – I look a complete retard in it! I give handjobs and act like a stupid! Fry fucks Leela in her snatch, then I fuck Fry, then he sucks my metal hose, Then we all drown in an orgy! Ugh, what a disgrace! I’m ouuta here, gotta kill Fry! Damn him for drawing such crazy shit… That’s not a Futurama porn, that’s bullshit!!! Freaking funny bullshit, though…