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A Futurama sex comics made by Amy

September 1, 2010 - 6:49 pm Comments Off on A Futurama sex comics made by Amy

Seems that the porn comics epidemic has affected all of these stupid bone bags. Now Amy came up with her sex idea! She has drawn a sex comics where all of us participate in unbelievable smut. Fry fucked Leela, sticking his cock inside her twat, and she begged to push it deeper; I fisted Amy’s snatch and banged her plump ass, Professor enjoyed my metal plunger inside his chocolate fortress and gave his wiener to Zoidberg to suck at the same time. Even Nibbler was roughly fucked and gave all his three cocks to be sucked. What – you never knew Nibbler had three cocks? Well, now you are aware. Anyway, these stupid porn pictures are miserable! I hate that stupid bitch and gonna kick her ass tomorrow!