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Disgusting Futurama porn by Leela – Fry and Amy

September 11, 2010 - 9:33 am Comments Off on Disgusting Futurama porn by Leela – Fry and Amy

Fuck, I simply don’t understand – how can Leela draw such disgusting porn pictures? This time she’s drawn Fry and Amy having sex in the open. The bright sun, green grass and stuff – everything’s normal except one little detail – it all started after Amy took a crap! Yeah, Leela drew a brown sausage coming out of Amy’s plump butt! That’s humiliating and fucking stupid! Then Fry banged her dirty ass and pussy, and then joined her in taking crap together! Their asses exploded at the same time, and their crap flew far away – only then they continued fucking… Fuck it, I’m calling an ambulance. This bitch has gone nuts!