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Bender’s weird porn dream

May 9, 2010 - 4:21 pm 1 Comment

Wow… My head still hurts, and I don’t exactly remember what happened… Hate those flashbacks, especially when they are not pleasant at all! Okay, let’s be cool now and remember. I was doing my thing… Then Fry came up and said he had an awesome disk with some porn to watch. I took it by force, then knocked him out not to hear his miserable screams. Then I uploaded the files to my flash dump. And then… It all went upside down – I had some strange visions – Amy giving handjob to Fry, Zoidberg fucking some weird alien, Nibbler sucking Zoidberg’s dick… Me fucking Amy in her tight hole, Leela sucking Hermes’s huge hose… My god, what was that stuff? Must have been some sort of a virus! Need to check my memory for errors and delete all this smut! Here, have a look at the pictures from it for the last time!