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Leela has her own vision of gay Futurama porn

August 23, 2010 - 6:33 pm No Comments

Okay, now these flesh freaks definitely have some mind problems! Guess who’s drawn another stupid porn comics? It’s Leela! Yes, and she drawn a sex comics where I fuck Fry! Well, at least not the opposite… I grab my metal hose there and stick it into Fry’s tight ass, pumping him like a dog. Then disgusting things start happening. At first Fry pukes right at the moment I cum into his ass, then he pisses on the floor. Ugh! Then our brave Leela comes, and her big eye is like not so big at all, and she pulls out her blaster and shoots us both. Yeah, world is saved, yippee. Agh, whatever, stupid one-eyed mutant!