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Bender and Amy in a kinky threesome

October 8, 2010 - 3:14 pm No Comments

Okay, they got me – yesterday I was performing the mad sex orgy with Amy and a head of some unknown guy. We surely had some rough time – I poked her face until she burst into tears, nailed her pussy and pounded her tight ass until she began screaming from pain. She sucked my bolt dry – not a single drop of oil left after her wild blowjob! Yeah, the sex was amazing. I mean, I myself was amazing, of course. Bender the Sexy gave that Martian bitch a good ass pummel, so now I’ll be surprised if she can even sit! What to say about walking… Stupid Fry got pictures of all this, and now I can not hide the fact that I, Bender, fucked Amy Wong yesterday. Well, didn’t want to hide it, though. You can watch the pics, if you like.