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Bender and Amy in a kinky threesome

October 8, 2010 - 3:14 pm No Comments

Okay, they got me – yesterday I was performing the mad sex orgy with Amy and a head of some unknown guy. We surely had some rough time – I poked her face until she burst into tears, nailed her pussy and pounded her tight ass until she began screaming from pain. She sucked my bolt dry – not a single drop of oil left after her wild blowjob! Yeah, the sex was amazing. I mean, I myself was amazing, of course. Bender the Sexy gave that Martian bitch a good ass pummel, so now I’ll be surprised if she can even sit! What to say about walking… Stupid Fry got pictures of all this, and now I can not hide the fact that I, Bender, fucked Amy Wong yesterday. Well, didn’t want to hide it, though. You can watch the pics, if you like.

Slutty Amy loves to suck cocks

June 26, 2010 - 6:38 pm No Comments

I’m starting to get bored. Nothing special happens, no new tasks, no dangerous missions – just fucking all the time. Amy sucks cocks all day long: she swallows Professor’s dick, licks Fry’s sausage, please Zoidberg and even try to tease my hose. I don’t appreciate that much, though. Leela was at her best, giving her ass to be roughly jammed and fucking with Amy, using a sexy strap-on. Those sweet girls can perform seductive lesbian plays, you know. Very pretty, though they are nothing but helpless flesh bags. This time even Zoidberg had his chance to be not simply a weird alien doctor, whom everyone ignores, but a creature with a throbbing cock that needs cure.