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Futurama sex rage

July 15, 2010 - 6:54 pm Comments Off on Futurama sex rage

Fry brought some porn to watch, and everyone immediately went horny again. They just can’t sit still, those stupid bone bags! Oh, well, if they want to, I will help them to fuck. Fry sticks his wiener inside Amy’s tight snatch, Leela has her ass pounded by Kif, Professor enjoys Amy covering his cock with drools – all goes normal. I used my antenna a little bit, thrusting it into Leela’s wet twat, and made her scream like if I was killing her. I personally would prefer the second, but… Nah, I’m just too kind. Horny Leela and Amy started lesbian games, and the guys stared at them, jacking off and drooling the place all over. Gosh, what a smut!

Amy loves Zoidberg’s weird alien cock and balls

March 29, 2010 - 4:19 am Comments Off on Amy loves Zoidberg’s weird alien cock and balls

I have to get my hands on whatever Dr. Zoidberg is giving Amy. She has turned into a sex slut that can’t get enough of his crustacean cock! She spends all day long in his lab, all you can hear from outside are the wild sex noises they make. Zoidberg doesn’t let me into the lab, but I plugged myself into the computer’s security network to spy on them and watch Amy take his slimy alien cock in her mouth while she plays with his loose ball sack. Very bizarre but hot at the same time!

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Amy and Bender participate in a wild sex show

January 26, 2010 - 11:38 am Comments Off on Amy and Bender participate in a wild sex show

I love to go out and party with cute Amy, she can turn into a real slut after a few drinks! We went to this wild sex show and she decided she wanted to be part of the act, which involved a severed head in a glass container and a sex toy. I couldn’t just leave her alone, so I joined her on stage and let the naughty Asian babe give me one of the best hummers I ever got.

futurama porn cartoons