Leela fucking Fry in the bathroom

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Hah, finally I’ve caught horny Leela fucking Fry in the bathroom! Her pussy itched so much that she couldn’t stand it, so she waited until Fry comes to take shower and jumped right on his cock! She swallowed it and teased it with her tongue, she bounced on top of it, screaming like a wild cat, she even had his huge boner up her sexy plump ass! And I’ve got it all on the camera and is gonna require some cash for them. Of course she’ll provide me with money, otherwise I’m gonna post them on my blog! Woops, done that already 😉 But she doesn’t know – that’s the point! See now, how smart I am? Hurry up and see these Futurama sex pictures, or I’m afraid she’ll get to know and delete all this!

Disgusting Futurama porn by Leela – Fry and Amy

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Fuck, I simply don’t understand – how can Leela draw such disgusting porn pictures? This time she’s drawn Fry and Amy having sex in the open. The bright sun, green grass and stuff – everything’s normal except one little detail – it all started after Amy took a crap! Yeah, Leela drew a brown sausage coming out of Amy’s plump butt! That’s humiliating and fucking stupid! Then Fry banged her dirty ass and pussy, and then joined her in taking crap together! Their asses exploded at the same time, and their crap flew far away – only then they continued fucking… Fuck it, I’m calling an ambulance. This bitch has gone nuts!

A Futurama sex comics made by Amy

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Seems that the porn comics epidemic has affected all of these stupid bone bags. Now Amy came up with her sex idea! She has drawn a sex comics where all of us participate in unbelievable smut. Fry fucked Leela, sticking his cock inside her twat, and she begged to push it deeper; I fisted Amy’s snatch and banged her plump ass, Professor enjoyed my metal plunger inside his chocolate fortress and gave his wiener to Zoidberg to suck at the same time. Even Nibbler was roughly fucked and gave all his three cocks to be sucked. What – you never knew Nibbler had three cocks? Well, now you are aware. Anyway, these stupid porn pictures are miserable! I hate that stupid bitch and gonna kick her ass tomorrow!

Leela has her own vision of gay Futurama porn

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Okay, now these flesh freaks definitely have some mind problems! Guess who’s drawn another stupid porn comics? It’s Leela! Yes, and she drawn a sex comics where I fuck Fry! Well, at least not the opposite… I grab my metal hose there and stick it into Fry’s tight ass, pumping him like a dog. Then disgusting things start happening. At first Fry pukes right at the moment I cum into his ass, then he pisses on the floor. Ugh! Then our brave Leela comes, and her big eye is like not so big at all, and she pulls out her blaster and shoots us both. Yeah, world is saved, yippee. Agh, whatever, stupid one-eyed mutant!

Futurama meets Family Guy in a sex battle

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Today’s the big day – we’ve invited the hot Family Guy characters over. And, as always, the quiet party turned into a raging sex festival! Hermes fucked Lois Griffin in her butt, Zoidberg gave Meg a rough ass pummel, and Professor gave his wrinkled old dick to Peter Griffin. I wanted to have some fun, too, so after nailing Amy Wong, I decided to try some fat butt fucking and poked Chris’s chocolate hole. Too bad Peter noticed that and hurried up to revenge – he shoved his meaty pole inside my metal butt! That bastard tortured me for half an hour, and my ass still hurts. Well, at least the rest of the day went fine, and I got myself many sex pictures, so now I can share them with you. What for? For you to envy me, of course!

Bender has something naked to show

August 3, 2010 - 6:13 pm Comments Off on Bender has something naked to show

That’s it – I’ve decided to show Fry that I can draw porn comics too, and much better ones. So I spent some time with the paper and pencils… Nah, fuck it – I’m just kidding. Of course, I used my built-in graphics processor and printed the sex pictures afterwards 🙂 But told everyone I used good old wooden sticks and pieces of paper. So these pictures are much more stylized and seductive, and the gorgeous Bender rules here! I fuck everybody, and even Fry here. But then I thought that it’s too boring, and added some pictures of Fry fucking Professor, Leela sucking Fry’s dick and naked Leela standing by the ocean. Wait a minute… What’s that? Fry cumming on my face?! That picture is not mine… Erm, don’t mind it – that’s some bug in my graphics chip…

A Halloween porn comics from Fry

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That stupid idiot, I mean, Fry, has drawn another Futurama porn comics. I already don’t pay attention to his tricks. He invented some weird type of “Halloween porn” – one sunny day when we all were fucking, someone knocked at the door. A weird girl came in, with a pumpkin on her head. She fell on her knees and started sucking my bolt! That mysterious girl with a nice ass and a warm mouth sucked off every man in the room (except for Zoidberg, of course, haha). End everyone had a good time pumping her in her butt. Leela seemed to be disappointed as she lacked attention now, and all because of that skinny pumpkin bitch. When she took off her hat, she turned out to be Kim Possible! That means we all were fucking Kim Possible dressed as a pumpkin. Man, that’s just so fucking stupid!

Futurama sex rage

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Fry brought some porn to watch, and everyone immediately went horny again. They just can’t sit still, those stupid bone bags! Oh, well, if they want to, I will help them to fuck. Fry sticks his wiener inside Amy’s tight snatch, Leela has her ass pounded by Kif, Professor enjoys Amy covering his cock with drools – all goes normal. I used my antenna a little bit, thrusting it into Leela’s wet twat, and made her scream like if I was killing her. I personally would prefer the second, but… Nah, I’m just too kind. Horny Leela and Amy started lesbian games, and the guys stared at them, jacking off and drooling the place all over. Gosh, what a smut!

Futurama guys start a BDSM party

July 5, 2010 - 6:47 pm Comments Off on Futurama guys start a BDSM party

Oh man, I should have refused to play their game today… The guys wanted to have some toon BDSM fun, and I thought it was a nice idea, too. But unfortunately BDSM meant tortures not only for the girls, but for the boys as well. And the thing that happened next was horrible. Fry roasted my dick with a burner, and Zoidberg machined it with his rasp. That hurts so much! But I think that’s not the worst treatment for today, ‘cause the girls were fucked so roughly that I am glad I got away. They were tied tightly, their asses were stuffed with different dildos, and their mouths were filled with cocks, so that they barely choked. Horrible tortures for Leela and Amy – I don’t envy them!

Slutty Amy loves to suck cocks

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I’m starting to get bored. Nothing special happens, no new tasks, no dangerous missions – just fucking all the time. Amy sucks cocks all day long: she swallows Professor’s dick, licks Fry’s sausage, please Zoidberg and even try to tease my hose. I don’t appreciate that much, though. Leela was at her best, giving her ass to be roughly jammed and fucking with Amy, using a sexy strap-on. Those sweet girls can perform seductive lesbian plays, you know. Very pretty, though they are nothing but helpless flesh bags. This time even Zoidberg had his chance to be not simply a weird alien doctor, whom everyone ignores, but a creature with a throbbing cock that needs cure.

Amy and Leela please boys

June 16, 2010 - 6:30 pm Comments Off on Amy and Leela please boys

Well, at last all came back to normal at our job. The day before we had a traditional, routine if you want, fuck starring Leela and Amy. The girls tried their best to please Fry and me, and Kif, too. I was fucking Leela in her ass, and Fry thrust his shaft inside her warm mouth. Amy gave her snatch to Kif, who was pleased with such attention. He nailed her hard to look a professional fucked in her eyes. Miserable bastard! I, Bender the almighty, was on top of my fame and glory as I fucked the girls in their twats with my shining metal cock! And Fry was fucking Amy’s feet – is that what humans call fetish? Well, you can see all for yourself – I’ve compiled the sex pictures into a porn gallery.

Professor’s porn guests – Fry, Leela and Bender

June 6, 2010 - 6:26 pm Comments Off on Professor’s porn guests – Fry, Leela and Bender

Guess what! That retard has drawn another porn comics! Man, his stupidity is naturally killing me! This time we all came to see Professor. And he started sucking Fry’s cock at once! He swallowed his meaty snake, then grabbed my metal shaft and swallowed it too! Amy exposed her tight butt, and Fry shoved his hose inside, pounding her with all his energy. Meanwhile Professor was giving blowjob to me. Meanwhile Leela was bouncing on top of Professor’s cock, screaming as her boobs jiggled so hard they could rip off! Well, all this smut ended with a huge cum shot all over the girls’ faces, bodies and the floor. That perverted Fry! I’ll kick his ass if I catch him!

Fry’s Futurama porn comics

May 29, 2010 - 6:13 pm Comments Off on Fry’s Futurama porn comics

Daamn, I knew that Fry is stupid, but that’s absolutely insane! That idiot has discovered an artist in himslefl, dammit! He has drawn a porn comics, and is now showing it to everyone. I took a look and was stunned – that jerk has drawn a threesome with himself, me and Leela! And it’d be ok, but one little detail – I look a complete retard in it! I give handjobs and act like a stupid! Fry fucks Leela in her snatch, then I fuck Fry, then he sucks my metal hose, Then we all drown in an orgy! Ugh, what a disgrace! I’m ouuta here, gotta kill Fry! Damn him for drawing such crazy shit… That’s not a Futurama porn, that’s bullshit!!! Freaking funny bullshit, though…

Fry gets Professor’s wrinkled tool up his ass

May 19, 2010 - 6:08 pm Comments Off on Fry gets Professor’s wrinkled tool up his ass

Fuck, I knew that Fry is a weirdo, but that he’s bisexual – no way! Didn’t even think of it. Nevertheless, last night when we all had sex at our workplace, he jumped on top of Professor’s dick and started bouncing, moaning from pleasure! I don’t get it – was he drunk? ‘Cause then he had his butt slammed by Amy’s brand new strap-on! I started thinking that he was gay, but he started pounding Leela’s hot pussy, and I calmed down. The rest of the sex party was great – I banged Leela and drank beer at the same time. That’s two of my favorite hobbies – fucking and drinking!

Bender’s weird porn dream

May 9, 2010 - 4:21 pm 1 Comment

Wow… My head still hurts, and I don’t exactly remember what happened… Hate those flashbacks, especially when they are not pleasant at all! Okay, let’s be cool now and remember. I was doing my thing… Then Fry came up and said he had an awesome disk with some porn to watch. I took it by force, then knocked him out not to hear his miserable screams. Then I uploaded the files to my flash dump. And then… It all went upside down – I had some strange visions – Amy giving handjob to Fry, Zoidberg fucking some weird alien, Nibbler sucking Zoidberg’s dick… Me fucking Amy in her tight hole, Leela sucking Hermes’s huge hose… My god, what was that stuff? Must have been some sort of a virus! Need to check my memory for errors and delete all this smut! Here, have a look at the pictures from it for the last time!

Woken up to give Leela a cock

April 30, 2010 - 4:13 pm Comments Off on Woken up to give Leela a cock

I wanted to have a good sleep, but those horny bitches woke me up. They said their pussies were terribly itching, so they asked me to fuck them in their plump twats. Well, I was pissed at first, but – hey! What else are the friends needed for? I pulled off my metal snake and shoved it inside Leela’s tight hole. I poked her for an hour at least, and she still asked for more! Amy was licking her clit, teasing herself at the same time. Then the guys woke up, and hurried up to give girls a hand. Or, let us say, a cock. Fry ripped Amy’s snatch with his wiener, and even Nibbler licked his lady’s twat. Ah, one could make a perfect Futurama porn movie from that! Well, gotta go. Watch and envy me – Bender almighty and alsexy!

A hard day after a toon porn party

April 20, 2010 - 2:25 pm Comments Off on A hard day after a toon porn party

There was a party yesterday, and I can hardly remember what happened. Drank too much beer, I think. But my faithful camera has got it all – the built-in one, I mean. When I scanned through all the pictures, I was stunned – the place was naturally blown yesterday! Hermes naile Amy in her sweet ass, Zapp Brannigan was licking Leela’s skin boots, working as her sex slave, and then made Kif his little bitch, pounding him in his butt! Even Fry, that miserable looser (and my friend, part-time) had himself two girls at the same time – bothe hot Amy and Leela were sucking his cock, swallowing it completely! Well, I think I should really, you know… Slow down with tha alcohol stuff. Having said that… Nah, fuck it!

Amy gets her freak on with Zoidberg

April 10, 2010 - 9:09 pm 1 Comment

I have heard all sorts of weird sex stories about Dr. Zoidberg and all the bizarre sex gadgets he keeps in his lab. I really need to get some of those so I can bend some hot babes. He doesn’t let me in, so I sent Amy instead. They stayed locked in for hours, having all kinds of hardcore and kinky sex with his sex toys, sexual gadgets and love potions! Amy seems to have a thing for really strange alien sex, that nasty slut! Bender really wants to bend her Asian pussy!

futurama toon porn

Amy loves Zoidberg’s weird alien cock and balls

March 29, 2010 - 4:19 am Comments Off on Amy loves Zoidberg’s weird alien cock and balls

I have to get my hands on whatever Dr. Zoidberg is giving Amy. She has turned into a sex slut that can’t get enough of his crustacean cock! She spends all day long in his lab, all you can hear from outside are the wild sex noises they make. Zoidberg doesn’t let me into the lab, but I plugged myself into the computer’s security network to spy on them and watch Amy take his slimy alien cock in her mouth while she plays with his loose ball sack. Very bizarre but hot at the same time!

porn futurama cartoons

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Leela enjoys Fry’s sex machine

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Leela is a voracious alien babe with an incredible sexual appetite, you have to be much of a man to pleasure her, and despite all the Viagra he’s taking, Fry just can’t keep up. Being his best friend, I helped him build a sex machine, equipped with two huge cocks, it would help him tame the wild alien one-eyed vixen that Leela is. After getting fucked in her mouth, ass and pussy by Fry’s cock and the sex machine’s, Leela gets her naked cartoon body splattered with cum!

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