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Amy and Kif fucking 69

December 25, 2010 - 4:14 am No Comments

Ah, there’s that stupid love story again! Kif and Amy just can’t control themselves when they meet together. At such days I have plenty photos of them fucking everywhere. Do you know what is their favorite pose? 69, of course! Kif can do amazing things with his alien tongue, and Amy’s deep throat can satisfy any man around. They can tease each other all night long, an still there’s plenty of energy left. Besides, look at Amy’s huge boobs, at her slim figure, and you’ll understand everything 🙂 My superb Bender camera has made terrific pics of those two banging each other hard – all you need is just to proceed to the whole gallery and watch them having fun. Shit, I’m actually offering you something! Quickly grab those Futurama porn pictures until I change my mind.

Futurama sex rage

July 15, 2010 - 6:54 pm No Comments

Fry brought some porn to watch, and everyone immediately went horny again. They just can’t sit still, those stupid bone bags! Oh, well, if they want to, I will help them to fuck. Fry sticks his wiener inside Amy’s tight snatch, Leela has her ass pounded by Kif, Professor enjoys Amy covering his cock with drools – all goes normal. I used my antenna a little bit, thrusting it into Leela’s wet twat, and made her scream like if I was killing her. I personally would prefer the second, but… Nah, I’m just too kind. Horny Leela and Amy started lesbian games, and the guys stared at them, jacking off and drooling the place all over. Gosh, what a smut!

Amy and Leela please boys

June 16, 2010 - 6:30 pm No Comments

Well, at last all came back to normal at our job. The day before we had a traditional, routine if you want, fuck starring Leela and Amy. The girls tried their best to please Fry and me, and Kif, too. I was fucking Leela in her ass, and Fry thrust his shaft inside her warm mouth. Amy gave her snatch to Kif, who was pleased with such attention. He nailed her hard to look a professional fucked in her eyes. Miserable bastard! I, Bender the almighty, was on top of my fame and glory as I fucked the girls in their twats with my shining metal cock! And Fry was fucking Amy’s feet – is that what humans call fetish? Well, you can see all for yourself – I’ve compiled the sex pictures into a porn gallery.