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Futurama BDSM porn

January 12, 2011 - 4:27 am No Comments

I’ve decided to share some of my Futurama BDSM porn today. Sorry for a delay, I had to go and rob some store, ‘cause YOU DON”T SEND ME MONEY! Haha, gotcha! Nah, I won’t push on you, you meat bags, ‘cause I’m Bender the Merciful. And here are the sex pictures I was talking about – Hermes is punishing sweet Amy for being naughty. He sticks his long Jamaican cock into her tight pussy and pounds it until the hot juice appears. It spills down her sexy hips, making her hot body wet and seductive. Besides, Hermes is not the only one who wants to punish her for her sins – we’ve got a real line here! Fry atilt with his boner, Zoidberg with his weird penis, Zapp… I bet she’ll barely walk tomorrow 😉

Futurama meets Family Guy in a sex battle

August 13, 2010 - 6:29 pm No Comments

Today’s the big day – we’ve invited the hot Family Guy characters over. And, as always, the quiet party turned into a raging sex festival! Hermes fucked Lois Griffin in her butt, Zoidberg gave Meg a rough ass pummel, and Professor gave his wrinkled old dick to Peter Griffin. I wanted to have some fun, too, so after nailing Amy Wong, I decided to try some fat butt fucking and poked Chris’s chocolate hole. Too bad Peter noticed that and hurried up to revenge – he shoved his meaty pole inside my metal butt! That bastard tortured me for half an hour, and my ass still hurts. Well, at least the rest of the day went fine, and I got myself many sex pictures, so now I can share them with you. What for? For you to envy me, of course!

Futurama sex rage

July 15, 2010 - 6:54 pm No Comments

Fry brought some porn to watch, and everyone immediately went horny again. They just can’t sit still, those stupid bone bags! Oh, well, if they want to, I will help them to fuck. Fry sticks his wiener inside Amy’s tight snatch, Leela has her ass pounded by Kif, Professor enjoys Amy covering his cock with drools – all goes normal. I used my antenna a little bit, thrusting it into Leela’s wet twat, and made her scream like if I was killing her. I personally would prefer the second, but… Nah, I’m just too kind. Horny Leela and Amy started lesbian games, and the guys stared at them, jacking off and drooling the place all over. Gosh, what a smut!

Futurama guys start a BDSM party

July 5, 2010 - 6:47 pm No Comments

Oh man, I should have refused to play their game today… The guys wanted to have some toon BDSM fun, and I thought it was a nice idea, too. But unfortunately BDSM meant tortures not only for the girls, but for the boys as well. And the thing that happened next was horrible. Fry roasted my dick with a burner, and Zoidberg machined it with his rasp. That hurts so much! But I think that’s not the worst treatment for today, ‘cause the girls were fucked so roughly that I am glad I got away. They were tied tightly, their asses were stuffed with different dildos, and their mouths were filled with cocks, so that they barely choked. Horrible tortures for Leela and Amy – I don’t envy them!